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Over $300 Million in New Contract Awards Within 6 Months.

When you enter the world of government contracting, you want to come prepared into one of the most competitive markets. 

FedMap has helped over 200 disadvantaged companies through the entire process of developing and implementing a Capture Strategy using a real-life contract opportunity.

After 20 years of helping business successfully navigate through the government contracting journey, we understand this market and have built FedMap to provide the support needed though the roadblocks we know are out there. 

Making Connections

Our community not only provides support, insights and strategies that help members through government contracting roadblocks. FedMap community also provides access to special topic-focused forums members with a private and closed networking group to expand on teaming opportunities


"I gained a ton of useful information from reaching all the topics posted in the FedMap Community."

"All the FedMap content was well written and very helpful."

"We have been in government contracting for almost 20 years now, but there resources that were new to me, so it was quite useful."

Membership Pricing & Discounts

We offer three levels of annual membership that are designed to meet the needs of growing businesses.  

Coley GCS Clients receive special pricing on annual memberships. Please reach out for more info at: [email protected]

Why Join FedMap Community?

Community Peer Support

Get support from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs pursuing the same goal of accelerated contract wins

Expert Tips, Strategies, and How-To guides 

Our Coaches and Experts post regular tips, strategies, and step-by-step guides that help you accelerating contract wins

Teaming Opportunities

Find and develop strategic relationships with potential teaming partners to build a strong team from the broad and diverse range of member’s experience to win more government business.

Upcoming Events

Our team will host experts and post about industry events that help FedMap members grow business.

Resource Library

Access a vast library of resources from links to government agencies, spending, procurement offices and forecasts to ready-made templates, and step-by-step guides for accelerating contract wins

Government Contracting FAQs

Learn from a growing knowledge base of commonly asked questions 

Focused to Develop Business

Active forums and private access to network with a community of your peers helping you keep your business goals on track.

Member Directory

Direct message with your peers and participate in open discussions to communicate with others in your industry.

Share Your Success!

Share your success with other and be inspired by those who have come before you. 

FedMap Community Membership Levels

FedMap has helped over 200 disadvantaged companies through the entire process of developing and implementing a Capture Strategy using a real-life contract opportunity.

Our FedMap participants have made over $300 Million in new contract awards within 6 months after completing the curriculum.

Our program provides companies the tools needed to accelerate growth and is offered with the following membership levels:


  • FedMap Community of Peers
  • Business Development and Industry Expert Tips and strategies posts
  • Online Tools, Templates, & Training Library
  • Private Group discussions including Teaming Opportunities.
  • Links to events, agencies spending, procurement and forecasts.


  • All of the above +
  • 3 Personal Coaching sessions with an experienced Business Development Coach
  • Daily Opportunity Notifications


  • All of the above +
  • Online Curriculum
  • Peer-advisory, Monthly Cohort meeting

SBA Scholarship:

FedMap Community is available to qualifying SBA's 7(j) Grant scholarship recipients. Companies wanting to be considered should register to the Scholarship Waitlist to receive notifications as spots become available.